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HudsonAlpha Discovery Unzip

This software was developed by HudsonAlpha Discovery. All software is provided as-is in the hope that other biologists and informaticists will find it useful.

While several common programs support the 'Zip64 extensions' for archives containing files larger than 4GB, there remain significant real-world problems in using them. Because the zip format is informal, there is disagreement between implementers on what a valid zip file looks like. Even when programs agree, many common operating systems are slow to provide recent versions of the software.

HudsonAlpha Discovery developed this program to provide a simple unzip implementation that is useful on a variety of platforms. The program is modelled after InfoZip's unzip program, and takes many of the same command-line options.


This program is written in Python, and requires Python 2.6 to run. There are no other pre-requisites. Download the distribution and extract it with tar -xzf. Change into the extracted directory, and run python install (this command will most likely require superuser privileges; more options are described on the Python Distutils Installation page).

To run this program, run from the command prompt. More help is available by running -h.

Version History

1.0.0 (17 June 2010)

Initial Release